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True love and always

~JE Fangal~

6 April 1988
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My Claims!
►►►My birthday is in the same month as Yamashita Tomohisa
I got Kikumasamune Seishiro forChristmas!

I will kiss in 2008 withAkanishi Jinon New Years eve ♥

~ I had a date with Yokoyama Yu this New Year's Day! ~


Akanishi Jinis my date for VALENTINE ♥ this year!

stfu, I am not obsessed withNakamaru Yuichi ☆彡

I married Kato Shigeaki but cheated him off with Kamenashi Kazuya >> BLOGCREW

Chinen Yuri is a THIEF...he stole my heart

Nakajima Yuto is my special angel

Ikuta Toma holds the to my

♥ » I saw [Nakajima Yuto] and [Yamada Ryosuke] sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

~ Okura Tadayoshi will kiss me on Valentines Day! ~

Chinen Yuri ← (i'd tap that)

|| ♡Yasuda Shota|| asked for MY number on my BIRTHDAY~!!

KAT-TUNBest of... Never Again 』 ★

KAT-TUNB-SIDE tracks I'll be with You 】 ♪

NEWS Ω B-SIDE tracks Bambina ↓ ♬

Nakamaru Yuichi just booked our HONEYMOON to HAWAII

Kamenashi Kazuya blows me kisses everyday~! Photobucket

In the night, me and
Akanishi Jin lie on the grassland and look up at the night sky while holding hands

nryo isNishikido Ryoto myAkanishi Jin

Domoto Koichi put his jacket over the rain puddle so I wouldn't get wet

*Aiba Masaki* must be TIRED 'cause he's been running through my mind ALL DAY!

Akanishi Jin is my own personal teddy bear. I can't sleep without him in my arms~!

Nishikido Ryo will be the death of me

I shared an ice-cream with Chinen Yuri and he started licking my lips so we ended up kissing endlessly (& breathlessly)

I married Akanishi Jin , and we adopted Yamada Ryosuke to complete our happy little FAMILY!

Akanishi Jin sang Care to me, passionately

»Koyama Keiichiro« and I FIGHT a LOT!!! But making up is really hot FUN~! ♪

¤ My best friend is Yamashita Tomohisa

{ Yokoyama You abducted me when i was T A K I N G A S H OW E R and took me to M A R S }

Aishiteru。Because you are my everything *Ikuta Toma*

Akanishi JinYamashita TomohisaTegoshi Yuya puzzle pieces of my S O U L

love2( Nishikido RyoxTegoshi Yuya)

★Nishikido Ryo☆ took me to JEWELLERY~STORE so we could choose our ❀~WEDDING~RINGS~❀

Hey this is the journal recording of my favourite idols.. no matter in JE or others..
Yup and there will be update of my daily life so that's about it.
Current obsession: KAT-TUN
Akanishi Jin
Aiba Masaki
Sakurai Sho
Nishikido Ryo
Kamenashi Kazuya
Yamashita Tomohisa