I had enough!

Ok to those people who has nothing better to
do PLEASE stop spamming my entry with rubbish comment!!
I've been receiving spam comment every now and then, it is really frustrating! Not sure why is this happening and I've to delete
it everytime. Does anyone else also come across this problem?
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Ok Arashi concert is in august till Jan and my
trip is in jul!! I was like wth!!! I wanna to go
kokuritsu so much.
With new album coming soon and those
concert goods plus shopping in japan,my
pocket burns not like I am not happy juz
wish I have millions to spend. Saw clips of gantz
and I wanna see the movie like NOW can't wait for it
to show in SG.

So can't wait for my japan trip!


Since yesterday my mood has gone from happiness to frustration!
The whole world tour thing and LA live thing is good and
I am glad they took a step further in their career.
Finally Johnny is doing something to bring JE to rest of the countries though not that many but it is a starting point.
Disappointed and shocked at first but after understanding the whole issue I accept it and wished them all the best.
The only thing that is not acceptable is WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING TO KT FANDOM???
Bashing, blaming, arguement, insult....that is not what I want to see within the fans. Thinking it for the whole day I know is not worth it to be angry about this but I think nobody deserves to be bashed and hated.
How many years KAT-TUN was formed and how long did they take to debut? Jin is going to work hard in bringing KAT-TUN to other side of the world while KT-TUN expanding their fanbase in asia isn't that wonderful?

I try to catch the concert if possible Ganbatte KAT-TUN!

[Scans] Aiba Masaki Mgirl Photoshoot

I got a copy of Mgirl recently and decided to scan the awesome photos from Aiba taken by Ninagawa Mika who was the same photographer that took the Arashi wall calandar 2009-2010. I must say Aiba is a gorgeous model and the photos are really sexy and hot.

Note: All these are my own scans so please credit for any use comment is appreciated I didn't leave any watermark because I don't want the mark to spoil the photos but I will if I have to.


DL: MU || MF

Selling some stuff !!

(Singapore and serious buyer only)

Due to my wallet is shrinking so I have a few items to sell...
Meet up is possible so please take a look.

Here are the items I am going to sell:

1 copy of NEWS Diamond Party Concert Pamphlet(*excellent condition flip once) $50 

1 NEWS Diamond Party Concert Hair Pin(*never used before in good condition)

Hey! Say! Jump! Poster from a few Magazine(Myojo, Duet...) in good condition:
3 Big Hey! Say! Jump! poster $4 each
1 Big Hey! Say! 7 poster $4
2 Hey! Say! Jump! poster $3 each

There are still some more items I am selling but I have to clear out each individual collection I have just that I need to get this post up first. I definitely will update on this post :)

Interested buyers please leave your comment here. I will put up the photos of the items asap. You can show your interest after seeing the photos no worries.

Just to give assurance I did some selling in the past so don't worry (can check my previous post) 
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Amazing Fanvid Nakai x Sho

A new entry!!! I did not update my journal for soooo long... but today I really want to share something 'Special'

I was browsing through XQ and came across this fanvid, it was very well made and it was Nakai and Sho??? How shocking was that!!
Please watch it and u will understand...

Collapse )

However somehow I find it amusing haha...
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Selling: Pacific Concert DVD Limited Edition

Ok, minna san I have an extra copy of the NEWS Pacific Concert Limited Editon DVD because I ordered an extra copy. So I have decided to sell this extra copy this sale is open to Singpore buyer, I can mailed out or meet up(preferably) the price is $85 dollar as this is a brand new copy.
Any one who is interested pls email me @ Luv_pot@hotmail.com

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I been so lazy to post anything for the past weeks/months(??)
Recent activity will be working working and working...no actually training for my new job.
Yup I got a perm job( not wanting to work ) but no choice need to earn money if not what happen to my goal of wanting to go Japan for KAT-TUN concert!!

Since I got a job, I could not be online that often and sorry minna who are waiting for the fanfic translation.
I have been dragging on for so long and didn't post a new chapter, those who saw this post once again
However, I will not stop translating unless no one has the interest in this anymore just that it will be updated in a slower rate.

I am still catching up with my fandom and drama, after watching few episodes of Code Blue, Maou, and one episode of Yasuko to Kenji, Shibatora and Zen ii no migata. I have to say Summer season has lot of interesting drama. However currently the one I love the most is Maou (sorry Yamap) I simply get hook on the story and Ohno, Toma did such a great job on their character.

I am still anticipating on 33 pun tantei, Domoto Tsuyoshi is back!!

ps: tmr got OT (2 hr extra training sianxx)

Happy 24th birthday to Jin!!

Though a little late, but I still want to write this post and say a HAPPY BIRHTDAY to Jin!!
24th already and he really mature a lot. Looking at those photos from infant to teenager to now, and think about his days in Johnny's, in KAT-TUN he definitely experienced a lot.
Today is his birthday, I hoped he can celebrate and have fun with his friends like Yamap, Ryo and hopefully Kame too (Being an Akame fan, this is impt) and family.

I'll like to share a wallpaper that I have made, since this is a special occasion for Jin's fans.
I am not doing picspam since I guess a lot of you are doing it.

Here is it: http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd26/luvy88/Jinbirthday.jpg